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3 office chair casters:What should I pay attention to when purchasing boss chairs

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3 office chair casters:What should I pay attention to when purchasing boss chairs


At ordinary times, when we rest, we should usually sit in one place and do things, either called a stool or a chair. In many TV programs, the chair the boss sits on is called the boss chair. Now this kind of chair has also entered many homes. The boss chair has high comfort and good use effect. Then the problem comes. How to disassemble the boss chair? What should I pay attention to when purchasing boss chairs?

How to dismantle the boss's chair

First of all, we should know the components of the boss's chair, so that we can be orderly in the process of disassembly. Generally speaking, the boss chair is mainly composed of waist pillow, head pillow, casters, chair feet, air rod, chassis, chair seat, armrest, chair back, seat link and so on.

1. If you want to disassemble the boss chair as a whole, you only need to follow the installation steps. There is a part in the boss's chair called the card making body. What we need to do is insert the cylinder into the socket of the connector. Next, observe the connector. We can see that there is a slot on one side of the connector, which is used to install screws. Finally, find the holes and slots corresponding to each part of the boss chair and firmly link them together. This is the general process of installing the boss chair.

2. For the boss's chair, the wheel is the most vulnerable place, so generally speaking, when disassembling, the first thing to do is to disassemble the wheel. In the boss chair, a common boss chair is fixed with screws. If this boss chair fails, we just need to remove the screws with a screwdriver. In addition, it takes a lot of effort to disassemble the wheel of another boss's chair. We need to prepare a vice to clamp the joint between the wheel and the seat and rotate in one direction, so as to disassemble the wheel. In this process, we must find a fulcrum, so as to better operate.

What should I pay attention to when purchasing boss chairs

1. When choosing the boss's chair, you can't be as casual as the ordinary chair. There is a certain stress on the width, height and back of the chair. In terms of height, it is best to sit down and step firmly on the floor. The knee joint curvature is between 90 ~ 100 degrees, and the height is very suitable. The position of the seat back at the waist must have a forward radian. This radian should be on the waist. After the seat back is straight, it should lean back 30 degrees. At this time, the pressure on the waist is the least and the most comfortable.

2. In addition, we should pay more attention to the width and armrest when selecting. The armrest must support the elbow. When sitting upright, the elbow is just placed on the armrest. In this way, many boss chairs have too low armrest and the elbow cannot be supported. The shoulder will always exert force, which will bring pressure around the shoulder and cause fatigue and discomfort.

3. The skin material of the boss's chair should also be paid attention to. Generally, the material with good air permeability is the best. The leather is solid and has friction. It is more suitable to make the boss's chair material. In addition, the pulley of the boss's chair should not be too flexible, otherwise frequent movement will make the calf and waist very hard, and it is not very comfortable to sit up.

The above content mainly describes how Xiaobian disassembles the boss's chair? The boss chair is the most comm


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