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Caster Wheels factory:How to install general office chairs?

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Caster Wheels factory:How to install general office chairs?

How to install general office chairs? This is very simple, but before introducing the installation method, we should first understand the components of the office chair. Now our most common office chair accessories are: roller, five claw, air pressure rod, chassis, chair seat, armrest, backrest, pillow, etc.

Then the tool that needs to be used is: screwdriver

The first step of installation: press the wheel on the five-star foot

Insert the wheel into the five-star foot. Use a little force when inserting it. There is another kind of screw in. It depends on your wit.

Step 2: install the air rod cap

After the wheel is installed, turn the five-star foot over and put the air rod into the middle hole. Please pull out the air rod cap before putting it in

Step 3: install the chassis

Place the cushion on the clean ground and install the chassis. Pay attention to the direction of the chassis and tighten the screws during installation;

Step 4: install the air rod

After the chassis is installed, put the cushion on the air rod and insert it into the chassis hole;

Step 5: install handrail

After the cushion is on the air release rod, start to install the handrail (pay attention to the front, rear, left and right of the handrail);

Installation step 

6: install the backrest

Be careful not to tighten all the screws of the armrest so that it is more convenient to install the backrest at the back;

Step 7: install armrest and backrest

Place the backrest on the cushion and pay attention to the direction. First align the backrest with the hole position of the armrest, and then install the screws on both sides of the bottom of the backrest. Similarly, do not tighten them. After installing the bottom screws, lift up the backrest and install the top screws of the backrest. After installing the top screws of the backrest, tighten all screws;

Installation step 8: tighten all screws

After tightening all the screws, install the armrest decorative buckle, so that a complete office chair can be installed.


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