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5" caster wheels:How to choose a swivel chair?

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5" caster wheels:How to choose a swivel chair?


1. Consistent with their hobbies, from the base, there are circular chassis type and pentagonal wheel type; Look at the back of the chair. There are high back, low back and swivel chairs without back; The armrests of various swivel chairs are also different. Solid Mahogany has the gas of nobility and elegance, while the steel pipe armrest swivel chair is more chic. A large number of pure white and smooth surfaces are adopted, which is very modern and avant-garde style.

2. It's better to look comfortable. The common ones are red, blue and orange. Red swivel chairs should be avoided in the bedroom or study to avoid being too active. Orange produces vitality. This color swivel chair is suitable for entertainment room, but not for bedroom and study. Blue gives a sense of tranquility.

3. Choose the high back swivel chair from the use of space, which is very suitable for people at home and can convey a leisure and relaxed home atmosphere; The swivel chair with streamline shape, strong color contrast and strong visual beauty is very suitable for singles or family study and studio; The leisure swivel chair with strong personal style is suitable to be placed in a corner of the living room or balcony.

4. First of all, we need to sit down and try to feel the comfort of the swivel chair; Then drag it on the ground for a certain distance. The runner of a good swivel chair is relatively stable and will not slip; Next, check the seat surface by hand. The cotton surface has good elasticity, which indicates that the quality is good. If it is pressed down for a long time, it indicates that there is a problem with the inner quality. Finally, check whether the quality of the air cushion is reliable.



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