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5 office chair casters:Method for preventing squeaking sound of office chair

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5 office chair casters:Method for preventing squeaking sound of office chair


Will you encounter this situation? If you sit down and move the office chair only a little, it will creak. What is the reason? Next, Xiaobian will take you to analyze why.

Let's check the reasons step by step. First determine the location of the sound of the office chair. If there are several locations, check them one by one. Most office swivel chairs are easy to break. Generally, the chassis and backrest are loose and the connector of the tripod falls off. We choose the more common swivel chair.

Generally speaking, the chassis is easy to make a squeak. If the screws of the chassis are made in a small workshop, they generally have no teeth, so they are easy to loosen after a period of time and make a sound; The second is the armrest. The armrest of many old office swivel chairs is not connected. If they always like to shake the armrest or often press hard, the contact surface of the armrest will be easy to crack, the screws will be easier to loosen, and there will be noise.

Now most office chairs adopt the seat back formed by injection molding, which will be better. If it is an old-fashioned independent back, only a few screws fix the bottom of the seat plate, it is particularly easy to loosen and make a sound; The second is the air pressure rod. Once you find that it is the sound made by the air pressure rod, don't sit again. If it is the tested safety air pressure plus nitrogen, you won't find the explosion accident. If it is the air pressure rod with oxygen in black heart workshop, there will be a possibility of explosion due to large air leakage and friction. When the five-star foot wheel of the office swivel chair is broken, it is also easy to make a sound, such as the wheel clamp is dropped, the five-star claw is cracked, or the wheel is crushed.

As long as the office chair makes a strange sound, check it one by one, especially the office chair with air pressure rod.


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