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4 inch caster wheels:What are the components of office chairs?

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4 inch caster wheels:What are the components of office chairs?


Office chair includes executive chair, manager chair, supervisor chair, employee chair, conference chair, training chair, pre shift chair, leisure chair, etc. Different office chairs have different components. The executive chair, manager chair, supervisor chair and employee chair commonly used now are swivel chairs, and a few are non swivel chairs. The components of swivel chair generally include chair feet, steam rods, chassis, wheels, etc.

1. Chair assembly - steam rod

The steam rod is an indispensable part of the accessories of the office chair. During the rotation of the swivel chair, it rubs with the air to generate heat. Due to the principle of "heating up and cooling down", the air is compressed to generate power, and it will be dangerous to shoot out of the central axis. You'd better use a good swivel chair, not cheap.

2. Chair assembly - chair feet

The chair feet are universal office swivel chair accessories, and the tripod can be decorated with exquisite wooden feet. The beauty of choosing this five-star foot lies in its strong bearing capacity and high safety performance. Pneumatic lifting or spiral lifting can be adopted, and it can also be customized according to samples or drawings. The tripod is made of flat iron with inclined plane, or straight flat iron, flat square tube, oval tube, etc. The product is beautiful and generous.

3. Part IV office chair accessories - Wheels

Wheels are an indispensable part of modern office chairs. They are generally matched with five-star feet and can rotate 360 degrees, which fully provides convenience for us.

4. Seat assembly - chassis

It is the place where the chassis swivel chair supports and links the steam lever, which is used to connect the office swivel chair as a whole. Because of this influence, we must master quality control when purchasing.

The components of the swivel chair can be roughly divided into the above parts. The accessories of these office chairs, such as conference chair, training chair, mobile chair and leisure chair, are relatively simple, mainly composed of chair back, seat cushion and tripod.


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