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3 inch caster wheels:Health office starts broadcasting articles from a chair

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3 inch caster wheels:Health office starts broadcasting articles from a chair


Sedentary office workers need to work with computers for a long time. If their working posture is incorrect, it is easy to cause physical pain and eye fatigue. Therefore, how to choose the right office chair is very important for the workers.

1. Conform to ergonomic design: the so-called ergonomics means that the design of tools should fit the natural shape of human body as much as possible. In particular, the lumbar support should conform to the curvature of the human spine. The problems of sore neck and distorted spine of modern office workers are becoming more and more common due to sitting for a long time. An ergonomic chair can bring great comfort to people's life and office. It can not only protect the spine, but also reduce the pressure on other body parts, alleviate fatigue and improve work efficiency.

2. High firmness: as an office furniture, the use frequency of office chairs is very frequent. The high-quality chairs are used for a longer time, and some will even accompany a person's career. The poor quality chair often has a short service life, and there will be wheel damage, loose screws, chair back cracking and so on. Therefore, a firm chair is very important for office workers. Good chairs add to people's work, while poor quality chairs will greatly reduce people's office efficiency.

The quality of an office chair is not whether it is expensive, but whether it can bring comfort. In line with ergonomics, people use comfortable chairs


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