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4 office chair casters:The use of swivel chair in office is good, which can relieve fatigue and feel comfortable

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4 office chair casters:The use of swivel chair in office is good, which can relieve fatigue and feel comfortable


Now most people's work is to sit in the office busy every day. They sit on the chair for up to eight hours after work. If the chair is not particularly comfortable, it is easy to feel tired. The birth of swivel chair solves the fatigue caused by sitting on the chair for a long time. Although many friends use it every day, they don't know much about it. Let's learn more about it today.

Swivel chair can also be called computer chair, which belongs to office chair. Its name comes from that it is a chair that can sit and rotate. According to the rotation angle, it can be divided into full rotation computer chair and half rotation computer chair. Those who can turn 90 degrees to the left and right are half turn, and those who can directly rotate 360 degrees are full turn. A complete swivel chair consists of the following parts: headrest, backrest, chair, armrest, air rod, five claws and wheel.

The reason why the swivel chair can rise and fall freely and adjust its sitting posture is that it has a lifting device. The lifting device contains an air pressure rod, which contains gas and liquid substances. It is an elastic element that can support, buffer and adjust the height. Under the action of human weight pressure, the lifting device will slowly decline until the lowest point. When the pressure generated by human weight disappears, the lifting device will slowly rise again.

Knowing how it works, let's take a look at the benefits of using it. Firstly, the swivel chair can be adjusted up and down. Friends of different heights and postures can adjust the seat according to their actual requirements to meet the needs of the public. The lifting device of the computer chair can also realize the positioning of various heights. Secondly, its sitting board can also be adjusted. Whether you are sitting in the office, reading or painting, you can adjust a very comfortable position. It can also be used in a wide range, such as offices, study rooms, studios and other places. The use of this chair can also effectively alleviate spinal fatigue and improve work efficiency.

Since there are so many benefits of swivel chairs, we should also choose from many ways when we buy them. First of all, we should pay attention to its function when buying. The computer chair with the lead pillow is suitable for work. This computer chair has high comfort and can relieve fatigue. Secondly, when we choose the computer chair, we can also choose our favorite color and style according to our personal preferences. The last thing we should pay attention to is its quality. We must buy it from a regular manufacturer. Otherwise, poor quality chairs will not only fail to alleviate fatigue, but also easily break down.


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