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3 inch caster wheels:Choose office chairs to relieve pressure for life

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3 inch caster wheels:Choose office chairs to relieve pressure for life


Experts said that long-term incorrect sitting posture and lack of sufficient support for the lumbar spine. At this time, the load borne by the lumbar intervertebral disc is twice that of the normal sitting posture and six times that of the lying down posture, which will lead to lumbar muscle strain over time.

If poor sitting posture has become a habit, it is undoubtedly a greater harm to office workers. An office chair that can fit flexibly and effectively support the waist and back is particularly important. Today, Yan Xuanguan continues to introduce several office chairs to relieve pressure on office life.


Steelcase Karman has a brand-new mesh seat with the top design in the 21st century. It responds to the movement of the body independently and creates industry-leading comfort, ergonomics and sustainability in a brand-new way.

The hybrid seat patented by Steelcase Karman is different from other products. Suspension supported seat with integrated cushion can bring you the best comfort no matter how long you sit. The extremely lightweight frame is streamlined to eliminate the pain and pressure points common in other mesh seats.

Follow your heart

When changing posture in any direction, the weight activation mechanism can automatically respond to body movements

Patent blessing

Suspension support seat with integrated cushion, sedentary and comfortable

Comfort edge

Ultra lightweight streamlined frame bid farewell to rigid edges and eliminate pain and pressure points

Comfort control

It supports four gear tilting and provides proper support for the back

4D handrail

The fully adjustable handrail can change in multiple directions, such as rising, falling, internal and external rotation, so it is comfortable and relaxed


Liveback technology balances body weight and provides adaptive, personalized comfort and fit

Beyond the monotony of black, white and gray, feel the light luxury style of home from monochrome modern, or both, to create rich bright colors. Steelcase Karman has industry-leading color options, 13 exclusive intermix colors and lux finishes, opening up unlimited aesthetics.

The design of flip flap office chair is inspired by the handicraft "origami" and pursues "bending" and "stretching" that can cooperate with posture changes.

The unique multi-faceted structure can cooperate with the three-dimensional transformation of body movements. No matter what sitting posture is adopted during work, it can be closely supported in all directions.

People will change a variety of postures in their daily work, sometimes straightening their waist and back, sometimes stretching their arms, sometimes straightening and stretching, leaning forward, leaning back, or turning around. The flip flap office chair can flexibly change the shape of the chair in coordination with various postures and movements of the body, providing uninterrupted and comfortable support for the body.

Pelvic support strong support

The lumbar support pads on both sides of the seat back can freely adjust the bending degree with the tilt angle of the back

Cushion groove

The cushion shape can closely fit the back curve in any posture

The lodging angle is amazing

The reclining angle of the chair back can reach 23 °, and the adjustment angle of the pelvic support can also reach 10 °. Users can stretch their bodies to their heart's content

Change as needed

When sitting upright, the connecting part of the backrest and cushion will automatically eliminate the gap, close to the body and give the best support

Adjustable elbow pads - long keystrokes or mouse operations can overburden the neck, shoulders, and arms. If combined with adjustable elbow pad, it can effectively alleviate shoulder and neck fatigue. The part where the elbow pad directly contacts the elbow is made of elastic resin material, which makes people feel soft and comfortable.

Taking the minimalist life of modern society as the starting point, through the development of special high elastic molecular materials, simulate the key data of human sitting posture changes, and use the deformation characteristics of high elastic molecular materials to meet the needs of users' various complex sitting posture and functions in the simplest way.

The minimalist design conforms to the most fashionable aesthetic concept at present and expresses a simple life attitude.

The design relieves the "cumbersome" constraints of the chassis structure and integrates the family design of takada armrest paddle control, so that users can easily adjust various functions of the seat anytime and anywhere, making it comfortable


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