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Caster Wheels:Easily find a suitable chair to broadcast articles

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Caster Wheels:Easily find a suitable chair to broadcast articles


How to choose a worker's office chair? It is estimated that when you see this problem, you will have a question. What are the office chairs to choose from? Just see if you like to buy them directly? If you think so, you know nothing about chairs. I suggest you continue to look down. After reading it, you should feel like wow. The original chair has so many doorways.

With the development of China's economy, more and more companies begin to implement 886, 996 or even 007, which means that people spend more and more time at their desks. The sedentary office will lead to waist strain, cervical spondylosis and some other occupational diseases. Although it is impossible to completely avoid such things, making good use of a good office chair can indeed reduce the incidence of these occupational diseases.

An excellent ergonomic chair can reduce the incidence of cervical spondylosis, waist strain and some other occupational diseases caused by sedentary, so it is very necessary to choose an ergonomic chair. The chair with ergonomic design can better protect the neck, waist and hips of the seated person, and disperse the pressure from the human body, so as to obtain a more comfortable sitting posture.

As an ordinary user, how to choose an ergonomic chair? After all, there are so many ergonomic chairs on the market, which configurations and designs meet the excellent standards? Now let's talk about the excellent standards on the ergonomic chair.

An excellent ergonomic chair can effectively help you relieve sedentary fatigue and improve work efficiency. It is more adjustable and comfortable than ordinary office chairs. Excellent ergonomic chair has corresponding standards in headrest, lumbar support, cushion, chair back, armrest, air pressure bar, bottom support, etc. The more these standards are met, the better this chair is.

Relevant standards of excellent ergonomic chair

1. Head restraint

The height and rotation of the headrest can be adjusted to make the user's cervical spine naturally fit the headrest. Regulate the sitting posture of the seated person. The best position is when the height of the headrest fully supports your cervical spine.

2. Cushion

At present, there are many seat cushions in the market, including leather and cloth. In short, there are a variety of materials. However, for ergonomic chairs, fiber mesh with good air properties is more suitable. Mesh fabric is more breathable and comfortable, making people sedentary. At the same time, the depth and width of the chair shall be correct, and the front edge of the chair shall be kept in a circular arc to make the chair fit more closely with the hip.

3. Lumbar support

The best support position of the waist is the third and fourth vertebrae. The height of the whole chair back can be adjusted. It is easy and easy to meet the needs of different users and reduce most of the human weight borne by the lumbar spine. The back of the human body has a certain radian. An S-shaped backrest can better match the waist curve of the human body, so as to achieve the function of protecting the waist and spine. Therefore, the fit degree of the lumbar support is an important standard of the lumbar support. At the same time, the angle of the lumbar support can be adjusted to make the lumbar support more fit the chair. Even if you are sedentary, you won't get tired.

4. Handrail

Armrest is a factor that is easy to be ignored by buyers. It is the best configuration to adjust the angle according to the chair back. Such armrest can enable users to obtain the most comprehensive arm support, and the adjustable height can meet the use of people of different heights.

5. Pneumatic rod

Inferior air pressure rods often have the problems of insufficient nitrogen purity and shoddy air pressure rod materials, which are very easy to cause explosion and pose great potential risks to users. Therefore, when choosing an office chair, we should pay attention to whether the air pressure bar of a chair meets the National Safety specifications.

6. Bottom support

It mainly depends on the material of the bottom support. The metal material can bear more weight and has better firmness. The number of pulleys of the chair is also the standard to consider the quality of the chair. It is best to start with 6 wheels of the chair. The sliding of the chair will be smoother and more stable, and there will be no rollover during the sliding of the chair.

The above are the relevant standards of excellent ergonomic chair. Today, I also recommend an ergonomic chair that meets the above standards, Xihao M57. Now let's see what's special about this chair!

1. Lifting and rotating head restraint

Xihao M57 adopts a head restraint that can be lifted and rotated, and the head restraint can realize up and down adjustment and angle adjustment. When using this chair, you can adjust your height and angle according to your height and sitting posture. It can ensure the comfort of the headrest to the greatest extent. The 29.5cm wide headrest can well disperse the head pressure. Headrest can support your neck and reduce the incidence of cervical spondylosis.

2. Breathable mesh cushion

Xihao M57 cushion is wrapped with mesh cloth, and the elasticity of the cushion is very good. As a fat man weighing 180 kg, I have no pressure when sitting in a chair. The whole seating part adopts the design of arc surface. When sitting down, it can fit better and have a wide space. Even users with large body can sit down easily.

3. Diamond waist rest

Xihao M57 adopts diamond double back design, and the thickened back basket design is stronger, more stable and stronger in bearing capacity. The S-shaped mesh can support the third and fourth vertebrae of the waist very closely. The wrapped fabric can greatly reduce the gravity borne by the waist and truly protect the waist.

In addition, the waist rest also adopts a design that can be adjusted up and down, front and back. When using it, it can be adjusted according to your body shape and height to give you the best support for your waist and ensure that your sitting posture is in the most comfortable state.

4. 3D handrail, so that your hands can be placed everywhere

Xihao M57 adopts 3D handrail design, which can be adjusted from three angles: left, middle and right. Adjust the angle up to 34 degrees. The armrest adopts cushion design, which makes the hands more comfortable. The height of the handrail can be adjusted to facilitate the lifting of hands at different heights, so that both hands can be placed everywhere.

5. Pneumatic pump

At present, ergonomic chairs adopt the design of air pressure bar to support and adjust the height of the chair, so the quality of air pressure bar is related to the safety of users. In the past, I often saw news about injuries caused by air pressure rod explosion. Xihao M57 air pressure rod adopts stainless steel design and has passed the test of American BIFMA. There is no need to worry about its safety and service life. Xihao M57 is smooth and stable in the lifting process. The height of the chair can be easily adjusted through the paddle, which can meet the needs of users with different heights.

Xihao adopts a thickened and stable mechanism in the cushion, and the overall material is thick labeled iron plate. It not only enhances the bearing capacity of the chair, but also better protects the safety of the seated person.

6. Bottom support and pulley

Xihao M57 adopts the design of high load-bearing aluminum alloy chair feet, which is integrated with die-casting and has stronger bearing capacity. In terms of wheels, six universal wheels are used, and the wheels are made of PU material, which makes less noise and smoother when sliding. The support at the bottom supports 360 degree rotation, which is convenient for you to turn at different angles when working.

The above are the relevant advantages of Xihao M57 ergonomic chair. It is very good to use as an office chair. The headrest, lumbar support, cushion, armrest and other positions are very comfortable. When used, it can greatly reduce the occurrence of cervical spondylosis and lumbar strain. If you are also looking for ergonomic office chair, Xihao M57 is a very good choice. Xihao doesn't close during the Spring Festival, and the express delivery doesn't stop.


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