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4 inch caster wheels:Swivel chair matching skills

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4 inch caster wheels:Swivel chair matching skills


1. Take comfort first. In the matching of desk and office swivel chair, the function of office swivel chair is directly related to the long-term comfort of users. There are some exquisite chairs with classical design, which are very beautiful, but the tilt angle cannot be adjusted. Sitting on them for a long time is easy to fatigue. It is recommended not to sacrifice comfort for beauty.

2. When choosing office swivel chair, we must also pay attention to the quality of hardware. When purchasing, try to sit more, rotate and move more, observe whether the metal support is fine, whether it is astringent when pushing and pulling, and whether the back of the chair tilts to one side after sitting. Choose a straight swivel chair with excellent material.

3. Depending on the physical fitness, the material of the chair surface has its own advantages and disadvantages. Those with good air permeability will be cold in winter, and leather materials will sweat in summer. Before purchasing, it's best to think about whether the regular users at home are cold or hot, and choose the materials that the body thinks are suitable under most temperature conditions. 4. A good chair should have these characteristics: it has a lifting seat, which is suitable for different leg lengths; It has adjustable lumbar backrest to support different lumbar heights; It has a comfortable chair seat design, which conforms to the hip curve; With waterfall type chair seat front edge to reduce leg pressure; Handrails that can be lifted and rotated; With different back heights, it is suitable for different work needs.


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