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3" caster wheels:Ergonomic chair M57 experience evaluation

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3" caster wheels:Ergonomic chair M57 experience evaluation


Reading Guide:

Modern urbanites spend far more time in the office than at home, and a comfortable office chair plays a very important role. Today, the author would like to introduce Xihao, a professional brand of intelligent engineering furniture. The latest ergonomic chair is different from the general style of Engineering chair on the market. It is specially designed for the poor posture of urban people for a long time. Increase the curve breathable seat back, which is in line with the ergonomic design. When the back leans against the seat back, it can achieve the most appropriate fit and adjust the poor sitting posture. The super breathable mesh chair back can reduce the fatigue caused by sitting for a long time. If you are interested in choosing a suitable ergonomic chair in the near future, you might as well continue to look down.

Assembly experience:

The outer case of Xihao ergonomic chair is thick, and the delivery comes from Zhongtong express. I thought it would not be too heavy, but I still felt its full weight when receiving the goods. It's still troublesome to move alone. It can only be carried out on the ground.

After opening the outer packaging, all parts of the swivel chair are wrapped and covered by layers of bubbles. In terms of packaging, Xihao is still more careful and can avoid unnecessary wear during logistics transportation. Let's take a look at all the components of Xihao ergonomic swivel chair, including seat back, cushion, headrest, five claws, five rollers, two armrests, an air pressure rod, installation tools (wrenches, several screws), product instructions, quality assurance card, etc. The overall installation is not very complicated and can be easily completed by one person.

This is the five claws made of fine plated alloy of the base, with excellent workmanship, firmness and durability, smooth and complete paint surface. It is still very simple to install with five PA silent wheels. Align the wheel with the No. 6 hole on the five claw foot and press it in with force.

The swivel chair adopts PA (polyamide) silent universal wheel, which is also a common hard wheel in the market. It is suitable for laying carpets on the ground. If you use wooden floors like the bedroom of the author's home, it is recommended to lay carpets or move to the environment of ceramic tile floor to avoid wear on the ground as far as possible. Friends with conditions can buy soft casters.

When buying office chairs, one of the most important points is the air pressure rod. Xihao ergonomic chair adopts certified pressure stabilizing air pressure rod, which is safe and guaranteed. In addition, the chair supports air pressure rise and fall, and the internal nitrogen concentration is very high, which can rise and fall safely without damage and has a long service life.

Close up of pneumatic rod:

The installation of the air pressure rod is also very simple. Gently put the air pressure rod into the middle hole of the five claws. Generally, the force direction of sitting on the swivel chair is from top to bottom, so you don't have to worry about its loosening.

In terms of specifications and functions, Xihao engineering chair adopts high elastic Matrex nylon mesh, which is very elastic when pressed by hand. This feeling is completely different from that of sitting on a sponge cushion. It can be seen that the cushion has a certain radian, and the cushion with curved radian is very comfortable.

Close up of breathable mesh:

The handrail also supports multi-directional adjustment, which can be adjusted inside and outside, front and back, and up and down. It can also rotate inward or outward by 34 °, with a very high degree of freedom!

The bottom of the seat is also specially equipped with explosion-proof steel plate, which needs to be installed independently. High strength steel plate can effectively prevent the occurrence of some dangerous situations, so that you can sit on it and work.

The back of the chair adopts the same high elastic mesh as the cushion, which is comfortable and breathable. It is worth mentioning that in the waist position, Xihao is also specially equipped with a waist pillow. Unlike other engineering chairs on the market, the direction and height of its waist pillow are adjustable. This design is really very humanized. Users of different heights can find the height and angle of the waist pillow that meet their own requirements, which is highly customizable.

The rest is to lift the seat to correspond to the hole position of the upper air pressure rod and install the upper headrest to complete the whole installation process of Xihao ergonomic swivel chair. The overall installation is relatively simple!

Trial sitting experience:

From a personal point of view, to choose an engineering chair suitable for yourself, you must first have a better appearance. No matter how powerful the technical heritage is or how cost-effective it is, after all, the appearance is the "first productivity". After the installation of Xihao master 57 ergonomic chair, the overall impression to the author is exquisite. There is no flashy shape like the e-sports chair, but there is a simple one. It is suitable for use in offices, bedrooms, study and other environments. Let's take another look at its specifications. Xihao ergonomic chair is made of high elastic Matrex nylon mesh, and the armrest is made of 3D skin. It feels very comfortable and high-grade. The chair legs are made of refined aluminum alloy five-star chair legs, which are very beautiful.

If you keep a posture for a long time, it is bound to reduce muscle activity and slow blood flow, resulting in stiffness and aging of bone tissue. The third base note of Xi Hao engineering chair (110 degrees, 116 degrees, 126 degrees), and the upper and lower regulation 5cm, regulate 3cm before and after work, and can satisfy the work and lunch break. Being able to move with the human body in the most natural way allows us to naturally change from forward leaning to backward leaning posture. This may be the most painful thing for office workers at present. A comfortable office environment can really improve work efficiency. Praise!!

The handrail also supports multi-directional adjustment, which can be adjusted inside and outside, front and back, and up and down. It can also rotate inward or outward by 34 °, with a very high degree of freedom. Like most, the author is generally used to adjusting it to a position flush with the table. When writing, the elbow can just be placed on it, which can play a supporting role. When typing for a long time, the arm will not be so easy to sour as before, which really saves a lot of effort.

Xihao ergonomic chair also has a headrest above it, which can make the head comfortable to lean against. In addition, the headrest supports 45 ° rotation and 11 cm up and down lifting. It can better adapt to users of different heights and different use scenarios, and has good ventilation and comfort.

The rocker on the right side of the seat back is responsible for adjusting the height of the chair. It is equipped with three-stage lifting control, which can lift up and down 10cm.


After experiencing Xihao ergonomic chair for a period of time, the author's recognition of this ergonomic chair is still quite high. First of all, its super breathable mesh chair back can reduce the fatigue of sitting posture. Secondly, each component of the seat supports angle adjustment, which can be applied to users of different statures and heights. Such a comfortable ergonomic chair allows you to enjoy a relaxing and happy time after hard work!


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